Programs & Services

Housing Improvement and Environmental Modification Services

Housing Improvement/Environmental modification Service is defined as providing home repairs, necessary modifications, adaptive alterations or installing security devices. Examples include installation of grab bars, handicap ramps for access, repairs or improvements to an individual’s bedroom area, widening doorways, modification of bathroom facilities, or installation of specialized electric and plumbing systems which accommodate medical equipment. Please note that these services are subject to program eligibility and funding availability. Allowable services are provided through a pool of licensed and insured general contractors who comply with federal, state program guidelines and local building codes. NEED HELP

Disaster Mitigation

Disaster Mitigation is the effort to reduce loss of life and property by lessening the impact of disasters. In order for mitigation to be effective one need to take action now—before the next disaster—to reduce human and financial consequences later (analyzing risk, reducing risk, and insuring against risk). It is important to know that disasters can happen at any time and at any place and if we are not prepared, consequences can be fatal. Effective mitigation requires that we all understand local risks, address the hard choices, and invest in long-term community well-being. Without mitigation actions, we jeopardize our safety, financial security and self-reliance. NEED HELP

Heavy Interior and Exterior Clean-up Services

Heavy Interior and Exterior Clean-up service is the performance of heavy house or yard tasks necessary to provide a clean, sanitary, safe and decent living environment. This service is beyond the normal everyday clean-up or upkeep. This is a more intensified, thorough cleaning to address more demanding circumstances or situation. Services may be provided qualified vendors or individuals only when there is no other means to accomplish the required tasks. Please note that this service is subject to program eligibility and funding availability. NEED HELP

Disaster Impacted Roof and Home Repairs

Catastrophe can arrive at your doorstep in any number of ways: storm like hurricane could unleash its fury and your home or an old tree could hit a roof. There are many in our communities who are on fixed incomes and cannot afford home owners insurance or windstorm coverage. Many may have insurance gap which may not adequately cover deductible or repairs costs. Please note that his service is subject to program eligibility and funding availability. NEED HELP

Consumables Supplies Assistance

Consumable supplies assistance enables certain individuals increase their ability to perform activities of daily living with dignity. These items include adult protective diapers or briefs, bed pads, cream, gloves, masks or other disposable items. All items are expected to direct/remedial
benefit to its users and be related to their unique condition. Please note that his service is subject to program eligibility and funding availability. NEED HELP

Homemaker, Companion, and Sitter Services

Coming Soon…

Family Caregiver Support

Family Caregiver support is defined as timely assistance and training of caregivers, individually or in group settings to: reduce stress, increase coping skills, provide strategies for effective management of caregiving tasks, and enable them to provide high quality care to recipients within the home. Family Caregiver support may be provided through forums, which include community workshops, seminars, support groups and other organized local, regional or statewide events and venues. Please note that his service is subject to program eligibility and funding availability. NEED HELP

Debris Clean-up, Removal and Disposal

Safe, proper and timely management of debris is an essential but often overlooked component of an emergency response and recovery. Debris clean-up, removal, and disposal is also one of many competing priorities a lead case management agency or local service provider must manage to protect human health, comply with regulations, conserve disposal capacity, reduce injuries, and minimize or prevent environmental impacts. It involves not only utilizing qualified and capable vendors to perform these tasks, but also advance thought, planning and coordination among individuals at various levels of government and the private sector with experience, expertise, and collaboration. Please note that his service is subject to program eligibility and funding availability. NEED HELP

Donation Pick-up

Your donations are always welcome! These precious resources can and do make a world of difference! We love matching your donation to someone in need. If you would like to donate call us at 305.345.6266

Volunteer Services Coordination

Volunteers are lifeline of this program.Volunteer Services Coordination includes planning, organizing and coordinating recruitment and training activities for volunteers.Volunteers may perform specific duties and responsibilities with considerable independence under the general direction of the Director or designated staff. NEED HELP

Consumer Education and Referral Assistance

Consumer Education is an important part of our business. To connect those needing to a wide array of available services, we obtain some basic information. Please call 305.345.6266 or complete the REFERRAL FORM and return to us immediately via email: or fax: (305) 690-0175 for immediate evaluation and referral assistance. NEED HELP