Caregiver Support Services (OAA Title III-E)
  In-Home Care Services
  Disaster Relief Services
  Florida KidCare Assistance
  Emergency and Minor Home Repairs
  Immigration Legal Services
  Parenting Skills for Grandparents
  Licensed In-Home Care Services
  Licensed for Environmental Modification
Parenting Skills for Grandparents
  Many grandparents raise their grandchildren, filling in the gap left by parents unable to fulfill their natural role.

What we do

Through this S.T.E.P.S. program, grandparents attend a 16-week course focused on building their skills so they can raise their grandchildren in today’s society. The classes deal with managing anger and stress, making good choices, better communication, and growth and development of children today. The parenting program offers childcare, limited transportation, and shared meals to children and grandparents, many of whom live on limited incomes. The STEPS team offers in-kind assistance and program referrals on the following:
  • In-home services
  • Medicaid & Food Stamp ACCESS site
  • Food, pampers, and consumable supplies
  • Furniture, clothing, and other donations
  • Electricity/energy bill assistance
  • Caregiver Support Servicess
  • Minor home repairs
  • Hurricane or disaster preparation
  • Post disaster/hurricane clean-up
  • Volunteer Services

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